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Our friend Mr Sid Tapia, Artist & former professional skateboarder.

Sid personally had the privilege of knowing Miss Alegra, as she and his eldest daughter Skylar-Lovelle

shared a beautiful friendship in Kindergarten 2017 at PLC Sydney.

Sid is working currently as a full time artist, an ambassador / influencer for international brands RVCA, Adidas, Sony, G-Shock, Copic Markers, MTN Colors & Little Legs Foundation, husband to Anna-Mei and father to his beloved daughters, Skylar-Lovelle & Sianna-Lovelle.

He is highly regarded, respected and loved by all who are blessed to know him. We can not thank him enough for his time, influence, friendship and dedictation to our cause.

We asked Sid some questions recently:

Loves- God, people, family, skateboarding & art.

Hates- Evil / injustice.

How did you start?

When it comes to my art, I started around the age of three by being very intrigued by my mum‘s handwriting. From there I was taught how to hand write by her and that taught me how to control a pen and to be able to then draw things that I liked such as family members, cartoons, or other things of interests.

What do you think makes you such a success and inspiration?

When it comes to being successful at a given craft, job or career, I would say it is diligence & a relentless fixation of the mind on the thing that you are so intrigued by. From that, desiring to play a significant, long lasting, positive & excellent role within that subject.

In regards to being an inspiration I believe that anyone who is achieving excellence in a given craft or in aspects of life is ‘inspiring’. As for me, ‘inspiration’ is about excellence / integrity of character behind the success. I can accredit that solely to growing in loving God with all I have & loving others as myself.

Why are you an LLF Ambassador?

Our daughters first best friend in kindergarten was Alegra. That in itself blessed our hearts so much because as many parents know the first day of school in kindergarten is so exciting, vulnerable and awesome for all involved & your first best friend is unforgettable.

In getting to know Alegra and her family our hearts were opened more to the preciousness of life, friendship, family and ultimately love.

Throughout this time since Alegra graced us and continues to,  I have witnessed, especially on her parents behalf, a selflessness &  unending devotion towards Alegra, her love, legacy and others who are going through the same battle.

As an ambassador I consider it an honour way beyond me. I am extremely thankful.


Emmanuel Tsakiris

We welcome our friend Emmanuel as an Ambassador to our cause. Grateful for this personality in our lives. Loving, caring, understanding and forever walking beside us in our journey. He too has had the priviledge of knowing Alegra and has played his part in her healing process. HOE has been stocked in four continents and graced the covers and editorials of magazines including Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Instyle, Shop till you Drop, Cleo, Grazia, OK and Cosmopolitan. Emmanuele’s Celebrity following includes Beyonce, Fergie, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Minogue, Rihanna, Nelly Furtado and Angelina Jolie to name a few. 
What Started as a whisper has become an international scream. Stay Tuned for some stunning collaborations

HOE LLF.jpeg

Loves: Travelling and experiencing different cultures and cuisines. I am inspired by the arts and would not miss the opportunity to attend any theatre production.


Hates: Hate has such a negative tone attached however something that I currently dis-like is the uncertainty, confusion and pain this pandemic is inflicting on individuals and family households. A true time of reflection globally.


How did you start?

When my mother fell ill I stayed home from University and looked after her. Her journey inspired me to follow my passion. Mum became my ethereal muse, guiding my path and inspiring my designs.

What do you think makes you such a success and inspiration?

Each piece is hand crafted by me and without formal training I have been able to create pieces with love and passion which transcend to people. Having statement pieces worn by celebrities and adorned on international magazines is very humbling and has made House Of Emmanuele a world wide recognised brand. This continues to light that fire in me knowing my mum would be so proud, after all she made this happen.

Why are you an LLF Ambassador?

To lose a loved one to any type of cancer is truly heartbreaking. For Alegra to lose her life at such a young age with minimal treatment options is unfathomable. I want to use my platform @houseofemmanuele to raise awareness for childhood brain cancer and tell Alegra’s story as a part of her Army.


So honoured to announce our newest Ambassador, Mr Alex Perry. Internationally known for creating beautifully constructed gowns and evening wear for celebrities, socialites and the modern woman.

To say we are grateful for Alex's time is an understatement. He brings a new element to our foundation and we look forward to working with him as we create much needed awareness for

Childhood Brain Cancer.

Alegra & Charlie.jpeg


Our dear friend Charlie, who works tirelessly to help his patients, most notably beyond surgery. He believes in a world free of Brain Cancer and we are honoured to not only be associated with him but have him officially as one of our Ambassadors. He adored Alegra as he does all his patients and continues to be a part of her families lives. With the Charlie Teo Foundation we have setup the Alegra's Army Grant,

funding Childhood Brain Cancer Research.

LLF x Charlie.jpeg



“Having lost a sibling to cancer, I had a front row seat to watch how my parents handled an incredibly tough situation. I admire them so much and was inspired by how the navigated themselves through the loss of their child. I now have children of my own, I can only imagine how tough it must be for parents. I have so much respect and admiration for Sue-Ellan and Marino. They have turned such a heartbreaking loss into a pillar of hope for others going through similar battles. The funds and awareness they are raising has made and continues to make a massive impact. They’re passion to find a solution is inspiring and it is an honour to support them in their quest to make a difference.”

daisy LList.gif


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Meet our Research Advisor.

Nicole Caixeiro, PhD


Nicole is the Head of Research at the Charlie Teo Foundation where she leads strategic initiatives and research programs. Her focus is on inclusion and engagement of clinicians, researchers, community and policy makers to help deliver improved brain cancer outcomes. Nicole has over 14 years of experience working in health and medical research as both an administrator and cancer researcher.


Nicole volunteers her time as the Little Legs Foundation’s Research Advisor as part of our connection with the Charlie Teo Foundation. Whilst we continue to raise awareness and funds, we trust in Charlie’s team to distribute them in order to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for childhood brain cancer.

Nicole LLF.jpg
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